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Happy Snap

Micro Package

AU$ 88.00

Our most popular product, you get 2 aerial photographs, professionally post produced and delivered online digitally for your convenience. Perfect for couples, car enthusiasts, or even people wanting a great image to help sell their home. Give us a buzz with your happy snap idea!

Just A Peek

Small Package

AU$ 220.00

For those who need a little bit more than just the Happy Snap. Includes up to 5 aerial photos, and up to 1 minute of full HD Aerial Video. Extra cost applies for post production or hard good add-ons. 

A Good Look

Medium Package

AU$ 396.00

This product is ideal for small to medium events or group photos/video. It is also ideal for premium high end advertising material, whether you're selling a house, car, boat, or perhaps a resort or holiday rental property. Product includes up to 10 aerial photos and 5 minutes of HD video footage (post production not included). 

The Big Picture

Large Package

AU$ 880.00

This is for those with serious need for photos and video, offering up to 20 aerial photos and 20 minutes of full HD video (post production not included). This product is ideal if you have a medium sized event, or wedding, and want to have extra aerial imagery to compliment your on the ground photography. 

Sky Safari

Extra Large Package

AU$ 1,220.00

This is premium product. You might be having a wedding, or a sporting event, or perhaps you are having a small to medium film or music video shoot and need aerial imagery.
Sky Safari provides one full day of labor for up to 40 Aerial photos, and up to 30 minutes of full HD videography. (Post Production Not Included). Contact us directly to discuss your specific needs.

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